Why Location Based Services are a must for intelligent Fleet Management

Managing and maintaining a large collection of vehicles is a challenging task

Managing and maintaining a large collection of vehicles is a challenging task, especially if you want to deliver excellent customer services. But with the advancements in Geo-location technology, you can address these problem areas while ensuring driver and passenger safety through connected vehicles. Location-Based Solutions (LBS) enable advanced Fleet Management services where you can remotely track every single vehicle through GPS, monitor fuel economy and driver behaviour and gather useful data to improve business efficiency.

Let us delve into why your business needs LBS to increase Fleet Management effectiveness.

  • Data management Unlike the traditional way of manually entering data, Location Based Solutions enable you to integrate users with vehicle routes, stops and driver schedules. If the vehicle stops at an unregistered location or uses an unknown route, you will immediately receive an alert. Similarly, when the driver reaches the set destination, the data is updated in the central control unit in real time. This helps you manage your operations smoothly, which would have been otherwise impossible with manual data.
  • Driver behaviour monitoring Most drivers tend to drive at fast speeds for a long period of time without brooding about the time of the day. Aggressive driving, harsh brakes or turns are all too common as drivers don't realise their unsafe practices. Location-Based Solutions allow you to continuously monitor the drivers’ behaviour and even send them a warning when it is out of control. In case the driver is caught driving recklessly, GPS data are sent over to the control unit notifying them of the speed. You can also analyse the driving patterns and correct them to improve driver and passenger safety.
  • Estimate fuel consumption Filling fuel during work-shift hours can sometimes lead to delays in delivery. It is also hard to estimate how much fuel your vehicles will need from the start location to the set destination. If you are a supply-chain, logistics or travel company, you will regularly need to consume fuel to keep your vehicles moving. With LBS, you will be able to calculate the exact fuel consumption rate for each of your vehicles and identify the starting and ending fuel requirements. The data gathered can be analysed to provide you with ways to optimise the fuel consumption for each trip, enhancing the overall efficiency and substantially saving costs on fuel consumption.

Bring more transparency to your business with advanced Location Based Services. Eliminate risks with real-time tracking and gain the advantages of vehicle alerts, user-friendly reports and vehicle motion changes to improve customer service and on-time deliveries. In addition, our GPS tracking software and tools can be tailored to fit your unique business requirements.

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