Why Location Based Services are necessary for efficient Workforce Management

Your common everyday tasks usually take up a huge chunk of your operating budget without directly contributing to profits or to productivity.

Your common everyday tasks usually take up a huge chunk of your operating budget without directly contributing to profits or to productivity. If you want to protect your valuable assets, you need a reliable workforce that uses its time efficiently. However, managing employees in any industry, especially those that require frequent travel or working independently in the field, is always a daunting task. Location Based Services (LBS) can solve many of these challenges associated with workforce management by integrating GPS software and automating a majority of the prime operational functions.

    Here are the important ways your business can benefit from LBS:
  • Boost security Employees working in the night or remote areas are generally more aware of their surroundings. Workforce tracking software in LBS not only tracks the location of your employees in real time, but also provides updates on route deviations when required. This enables you to ensure your employees’ safety at all times.
  • Improve operational efficiency The conventional methods of keeping manual time and attendance records are long gone. Office time thefts, staffing overheads and reconciling paper sheets can all be eliminated with LBS. Such solutions enable automatic time and pay calculations for employees with precision and ease. LBS also enable you to adjust staffing levels and scheduling the workforce more effectively.
  • Reduce manual handling Whether it is managing employee accountability or service delivery, your administrative tasks are expected to take a lot of time and manual work. If, for instance, your service delivery executive has to drop off a package or deliver an invoice, you have to define his travel vehicle and route and confirm the receipt of delivery once the job is done. Each of these tasks may require a different process and administration. But with LBS, you can track your employee when he's leaving the current location until he reaches the set location, and you can also keep a track of the route he takes. In addition, you get real-time alerts on the delivery, ensuring efficient and seamless execution of the overall project.
  • Enhance performance LBS enable you to develop optimal staffing schedules without compromising on the quality. Employee time theft, human errors, financial risks and operational utilisation can be drastically reduced, thereby enhancing your business productivity. You will be able to make better decisions by assigning the right people for the right job. Similarly, your employees will have a clear idea of the goals, thus enabling substantial productivity gain for the business.

With LBS track your workforce, improve communication across verticals and increase your management performance efficiently.

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