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Smart VPN

Enterprises seek a robust network that is secure and facilitates the uninterrupted working of their Internet-based apps. It should also support their BYOD policies and help them connect different offices without the fear of data leakage. MPLS-based SmartVPN has been devised to fulfil these expectations and to enable secure connections to the cloud, which will be the most popular data centre in the near future

Your business has to run its operations on a network that is securely connected and has seamless Internet connectivity. With the increasing complexities of enterprise applications and a need to store many of them in the cloud, it is even more critical to have a reliable network. Furthermore, the enterprises that have offices in multiple locations or employees working from other sites must establish a well-planned, integrated network. This is also necessary for the safe transmission of business data across connected devices.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a combination of hardware and software technologies that allow businesses to establish a secure connection with their remote offices and employees over the Internet. VPNs are more secure than plain Internet connections. They can connect any two or more locations across the globe, and, therefore, the users can even access region-restricted websites for legit business transactions. Furthermore, the browsing activity is not exposed to anyone else using public Wi-Fi or other Internet connections.

Since the Internet can enable the building of VPN systems from any location, the networks must have robust security to avert any unauthorised access to their private data as it traverses between employees via the Internet. The encryption of data is crucial.

Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) has stepped forward to offer a customised connectivity solution to organisations with its SmartVPN. It brings the secure and reliable connectivity that businesses seek for advantages of data privacy along with cost savings. The prime components of this connectivity tool include:

Compared to PSTN lines, ease of maintenance is one of the prime benefits that this protocol brings. A network of wires, telephone hardware and other equipment needed for analogue telephone lines can be difficult and expensive to maintain. Such systems also deteriorate over time and are not simple to repair.

On the other hand, maintaining SIP trunks is quite uncomplicated. This case arises from the fact that, apart from the computers and routers used to facilitate the voice calls, nearly all components of SIP are software-based. The necessary ‘maintenance’ and upgrades happen in the cloud.

MPLS-enabled VPN
SmartVPN is a multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)-backed connectivity that can be used to establish VPN across a large number of Indian cities and remote towns. MPLS builds dedicated links between sites with a high quality of service (QoS) and is also backed by a service level agreement (SLA). With more than 100 points of strategic presence, TTBS can effectively provide MPLS-based SmartVPN solutions to enterprises of all sizes.

Secure Connect
Another bespoke feature of this connectivity service is its ability to give your business secure access to the cloud. Secure Connect privatises a public cloud network by optimising it with the security level that expensive private clouds have. Your business can, as a result, have quicker data transfers for cloud storage, and employees can securely work on enterprise apps placed in your reserved segment of a public cloud.

Internet VPN
SmartVPN comes with Internet VPN that uses the available Internet connection used by the business to create a secure leg integrated with the VPN. The result is full security for the Internet in the office whether it comes from broadband, Internet Leased Line (ILL) or Wi-Fi. This is provided as an on-site solution for office locations as also for on-the-go devices or BYOD. The idea is to ensure that users are connected to a secure Internet connection wherever they are working.

For enterprises, SmartVPN brings several advantages, the best of which are:

  • Overcoming regional restrictions to access websites based in any country
  • Convenient and uninterrupted usage of apps with audio and video features
  • Seamless web conferencing experiences
  • Protecting employees from the usage of untrustworthy Wi-Fi in public Internet zones
  • Enabling a high degree of anonymity by concealing the actual location during Internet usage
  • Secure and optimal connection to the cloud
  • Reduction in number of hubs on the office network which, in turn, results in significant cost savings for network maintenance

The assurance on QoS and support of an SLA are what make this VPN product even more valuable for businesses. SmartVPN is deployed and enabled within the timelines stated, and the high speed, optimum bandwidth, low latency and reliable security are provided precisely as they have been promised.

To get more quality on their networks, businesses signing up for SmartVPN can also get their Internet connection from TTBS. This facility is provided via an ILL and not the usual broadband service. The complete package becomes a sound value for money proposition and brings quick returns on IT investments.

For more information on SmartVPN and other tools for secure office networks, contact a TTBS representative at 1800-266-1800.

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