Email Security
Email Security

Email is the #1 online threat. Safe emails are a vital part of any cybersecurity architecture. Here are a few risks to be aware of when it comes to your email:

1. Spyware may be sent as an attachment in an email and allow criminals to access your information
2. Viruses can spread through email to your entire contact list without you knowing it
3. Email phishing scams can trick you into giving up personal information. They appear to be emailed from your organization or companies you trust
4. Spams can get through your filter and fill your inbox with unsolicited mails

As more and more people work from anywhere, reliance on emails has grown multifold. With cyber-attacks becoming more sophisticated and frequent, businesses must bolster their email security against rising threats.

Our cloud-based Email security protects all email platforms - Microsoft exchange, Office 365, or on-premise servers. We are powered by FirstWave Cloud Technology’s ESPTM email software technology, Cisco-based ESA/IronPort, and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) technologies recognized as the market leader by Gartner, IDC & Radicati. We secure email from malware, ransomware, phishing, viruses, and spam, and also detect advanced persistent threats such as spear phishing, whaling, typo domain, and spoofing attacks.

With our Email Security, businesses can enjoy a highly reliable, scalable, and feature-rich email security service. Our Email security is easy to set up by modifying MX records. It works like stealth in the background and users do not require to install or know anything. To top it all it provides analytics and policy enforcement.


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Advanced Anti-malware

Cisco AMP – Defense against advanced persistent threats and ransomware attacks
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Reputation Scoring

Ensured 100% uptime using redundant and fault-tolerant infrastructure
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Policy enforcement

Advanced access, visibility and role based controls for easier content management
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Data loss prevention

Outbound DKIM: Generate your key and insert DKIM Signature automatically
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Advanced Picture analysis, Classification, and filtering

Patented image control and marketing/graymail filters for advanced content control
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Archiving, replay, E-discovery & advanced reporting

Assured disaster recovery and 32 days trace replay
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Anti Spam – reputation, anti-spoofing, anti-relay

Easy integration with O365 and Gmail
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Advanced Antivirus

A proven and affordable inbound and outbound email security solution


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