Endpoint Security
Endpoint Security

An Endpoint is any device that is physically an end point on a network. Laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, servers can all be termed as endpoints.

Endpoint security refers to cyber security services for network endpoints. These services include antivirus, email filtering, web filtering, and firewall services.

Endpoint security plays a crucial role for businesses, ensuring critical systems, intellectual property, customer data, employees, and guests are protected from ransomware, phishing, malware, and other cyber attacks.

Remote workers use personal devices or emails while accessing critical business data. Without endpoint protection in place, businesses could lose access to their valuable data, risking the very survival of their business. Repeat infections can also lead to costly downtime and the allocation of resources to remediating issues over critical business.

Tata Tele Business Services Endpoint Security is value for money solution that is easy to install, manage and requires no IT expertise. It's a solution for all size businesses whether it is a small office of 10 employees or a multinational corporation can benefit from Endpoint security.


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All in One

Industry leading protection from Virus, Spyware, Phishing and Hacking. URL filtering. USB Port Blocking. Data Theft prevention.
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Easy to Install

Easy to install and scale, requires no IT expertise
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Single pane of glass

Administrative Portal to see what’s going on with your device.
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Multiple devices

Three devices per use. Multiple OS support – Windows, MacBook and mobile devices
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Value for money Pricing due to multi tenant architecture
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Voice support for customers, account management approach


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