Multifactor Authentication

Working remotely opens up a variety of potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities due to the nature of an ever-changing threat environment. As per 2019 data breach investigations report, 80% of security breaches involve compromised passwords. Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a security system that requires more than one form of authentication to verify the legitimacy of a transaction.

We bring you world’s fastest multifactor authentication powered by Cisco Duo. It provides zero-trust security for the workforce, securing user and device access to applications. It is fast and easy for users to set up, and with several available authentication methods, you can choose the one that best fits your workflow. Multi-factor authentication is the simplest, most effective way to make sure users really are who they say they are. It protects your applications and data against unauthorized access due to credential theft by verifying your users’ identities before they access your data. Using a device, like a smartphone, prevents attackers from remotely accessing your networks, servers and on-premises and cloud applications protected only with a password.

1. Instantly integrates with all apps
2. Users self-enroll in minutes
3. Users authenticate in seconds; no codes to enter

You can Monitor the health of managed and unmanaged devices, can set adaptive security policies tailored for your business. Best part is you can secure remote access without a device agent. Provide security-backed, user-friendly single sign on or SSO.


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Move with the new landscape

Users, devices and apps are everywhere; only right users & healthy devices get access
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Widest range of authentication

Enable multiple option for users for ease of use and flexibility – soft/hard token, push, U2F etc
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Zero trust approach

Establish trust for every access request, regardless of where the request is coming from
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World’s Easiest and Most Secure MFA

Instantly integrates with all apps, Enroll Users Easily at Scale, Users authenticate in seconds



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