Web Security
Web Security

With the dynamic security landscape increasing in complexity and severity, firewalls are no longer enough to protect your business. This is especially true considering more people are using cloud-based apps and accessing the internet off the corporate network.

Do Big Web Security is your first line of defense against online threats, providing complete visibility into internet activity across all locations (on and off the corporate network), devices and users. That means threats are eliminated before they can reach your network or endpoints.

1. Offers real-time protection and thorough enforcement of web usage policies
2. Provides complete visibility into internet activity across all devices, users and locations
3. An all-inclusive, enterprise-grade web security solution for businesses of any size
4. Advanced protection that adds a predictive security enforcement layer at the frontline
5. Fast identification of infected devices and prevention of data exfiltration
6. Fast and reliable without added latency

Using DNS-based or web proxy technology, Cisco Talos intelligence and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), Do Big Web Security can determine the intent of web requests, URLs and files. Once assessed as being safe, risky or malicious, they can then be routed, blocked or sent for further inspection.

Best part is its easy to use and business can get started in minutes. Its completely invisible to users and provides comprehensive reports and policy implementation.


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High performance DNS service
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No complex clients or devices
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Get started in few minutes
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Full visibility across all network devices, locations and users via real-time activity logs
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DNS & IP layer protection
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Best Threat intelligence through AMP & Talos
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Zero Day protection from Domain creation monitoring
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All IP traffic protection (not only 80/443): mobile, IoT, SIP


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