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The customer is a leading research and advisory company. With their flagship technology research, they provide enterprises with indispensable business insights, advice and tools required to achieve their goals, and build organisations.


The customer required 300 concurrent calls on both, SIP Trunk 1 and SIP Trunk 2. They needed different transmission paths and auto-failover of SIP Trunk.

They also wanted to avoid complex voice infrastructure. Furthermore, they required better uptime and SLA and redundancy with uninterrupted calling.


  • TTL delivered SIP Trunk over Ethernet with SDH ring architecture. Over the last mile, the SIP trunk would be terminated over SBC.
  • To provide redundancy, TTL would provide 2 SIP Trunk which would be separately terminated at two SBC: SIP Trunk 1 with 300 channels and SIP Trunk 2 with 300 channels. 2500 DIDs would be split equally, viz, 1250 on each Trunk.
  • Bandwidth for both trunks would support aggregate of SIP 1 and SIP 2 to achieve 100% concurrency.
  • Testing, configuration, and troubleshooting of both SIP Trunks from the router Cisco 4451 till Cisco CUCM in Singapore was the scope of the customer team. This ensured that the connectivity between their Gurgaon and Singapore offices was stable for the signaling path.
  • TTL’s scope was testing, configuration, and troubleshooting of both SIP Trunks till the customer’s WAN interface of Cisco 4451 router only.

Business Benefits

1. A fully secure solution, as all connectivity is on a private network

2. Allows enterprises to start operations quickly using SIP-ready open-source platforms

3. Redundancy in services via different transmission paths for mission-critical applications

4. No dependency on hardware chassis for expansion planning

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