Connectivity solutions for a leading IT solutions provider


A leading IT solutions provider required an SLA-driven international connectivity through Global SIP.

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Company Profile

Founded in 2004, the company is a leading IT solutions provider, headquartered in Atlanta, USA. It offers a full array of services that supports business strategies and facilitates improvements for customers in select verticals, by drawing upon extensive capabilities in business processes, applications, consulting and IT infrastructure. The company leverages deep industry expertise to craft integrated, industry-specific solutions to meet each customers current and long-term IT and technology needs. The organisation specialises in providing IT solutions for the telecom, banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing sectors.

The Requirement

The customer was looking at a cost-effective and agile communications system which would allow them to connect with their stakeholders, partners and customers nationally and abroad. Due to the nature of operations, the company also required to transmit high volumes of data across offices rapidly and securely. As an ITES company, a stable and high bandwidth data connection was vital for their daily operations.


The customer sought a service provider who could provide a fully managed service that enabled IP-based voice capability. Besides managing the service, the company also required that the service provider offered Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure business critical uptime and availability.


The solution offered a means to securely connect the customers offices, including those based abroad. The solution selected, Global SIP Connect with 100 Channels (80 outbound and 20 inbound) was a fully managed service enabled solution with fibre last mile. Global SIP deployment allowed the customer to transport enterprise voice, video and collaboration data traffic on SIP Trunks, unifying voice and video service traffic on a single network access link, eliminating the complexity of provisioning bandwidth in virtual private networks and internet circuits. The solution handles both domestic and international voice and video needs, through a single contract, an SLA, and billing covering 22 countries with international termination in over 240 countries. With this, our client could enjoy an end-to-end managed service with centralised performance monitoring and reporting with visibility and administrative control through portal and API access. Solution Highlights included:

  • US-based Direct Inward Dialing (DID) to make outbound and receive inbound calls
  • Detail reports and CDR
  • Dedicated Internet Leased Line for data access
  • DLC for inter-office connectivity
  • End-to-end SLA


As a result of this deployment, the customer was able to connect between offices and stakeholders through an advanced IP-based voice solution, which was integrated with their IPPBX and soft dialer system. Dedicated internet connectivity was provided through an Internet Leased Line which was used primarily for the company’s Web Server Applications. DLC ensured secure and direct connectivity between offices allowing direct transfer capabilities. In addition to saving on licence charges per location, the company could also add sites as needed without deploying additional hardware, while also scaling bandwidth. BUSINESS SERVICES CASESTUDY IT/ITES Call

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