Data connectivity for Zealous Services


Zealous Services required a end-to-end data solution

Zealous Services casestudy A2 01


  • Unstable Broadband connectivity leading to slow browsing, affecting the quality of the knowledge process
  • Increasing demand for data communication
  • Reliable mode of connectivity to global clients
  • High availability of Telco resources


  • Dedicated internet leased line on fibre ring last mile
  • Bandwidth upgraded from 100 Mbps to 250 Mbps over 3 years
  • Standard service level agreement adherence
  • Multicast feeds without dependency on the source server IPs
  • International SIP services, for best quality voice communication, overseas


  • Stable internet connectivity
  • Quality of knowledge process services to foreign clients improved, with the speed and reliability of the internet circuit
  • Dedicated service assurance team

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