Digital Mapping Company Achieves Cost-Effective and Reliable Voice Connectivity


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Digital Mapping Company Achieves Cost-Effective and Reliable Voice Connectivity

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The customer is a digital mapping company pioneering in digital navigation technology for cars. They have built a legacy in mapping technology by creating information-rich three-dimensional maps.


The customer required a total of 160 SIP channels, split into 80 channels per trunk across their Goregaon and Navi Mumbai offices.

The proposed solution had to avoid complex voice infrastructure and investment on multiple PRI cards. The customer was also keen on improved uptime, SLA and a better call setup.


  • TTBS delivered SIP Trunk over Ethernet with SDH ring architecture across the two customer locations at Goregaon and Navi Mumbai.
  • Both sites had separate SIP Trunks with 80 channels each.
  • TTBS SIP Trunk is a P2P circuit with /30 IP address assigned. The same IP address was assigned to the NIC interface of the customer PBX.
  • Codec on both trunks was configured along the internationally approved G.711 A law.
  • Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) method followed RFC 2833.
  • “P-Preferred-Identity” header was included in all SIP INVITEs for correct DID CLIP display on the outgoing calls.  
  • DID no. sending (DNIS) on SIP INVITE “To” header on incoming calls.
  • Keep-alive mechanism was made available through SIP OPTIONS. The expected response was SIP 200 OK from the CPE device.   
  • TTBS provided user login credentials to the customer. 

Business Benefits

  • A reliable solution also scalable on the same trunk
  • SLA-backed voice services
  • Call establishment time lowered by more than 30% as compared to PRI
  • Uninterrupted Voice Services

Solution Architecture:

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