EdTech leader optimises customer service with bespoke voice solution




EdTech leader optimises customer service with bespoke voice solution

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The customer provides high-quality access to mentorship programs and career guidance for students looking to pursue higher education abroad. With simplified technology, the customer facilitates counselling for colleges, financial advice and streamlined access to best-matched counsels & leading global universities.

Business Challenge

The customer required a provision to capture leads, identify registered customers and provide real-time assistance.

They sought a solution that facilitated call recording and tracking to audit and validate conversations between agents and customers and avoid escalations.

Number screening was another requisite, given that the lack of security provisions revealed the contact information of their customers and agents to one another.

Overall, the customer was looking for call recordings and Call Details Records that could be analysed and updated in real-time onto the portal.

Tata Tele Business Services Solution

  • TTBS integrated an API dial plan solution with location-based routing as a failover with customer’s lead capture module.
  • The solution featured a centralised Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for their pilot number that seamlessly captures all leads into their CRM software.
  • TTBS’s solution facilitated dedicated one-to-one mapping of centralised DIDs that managed all incoming and outgoing agent calls to trim any latency in providing real-time information.
  • For tracking and auditing phone conversations, the solution facilitated call recording in tandem with a Web-based portal that could be accessed for real-time call monitoring and regular reports analysing agent-customer interactions.

Business Benefits

  • Faster and improved customer service via real-time interactions with agents
  • Increased operational efficiency with consistent monitoring of delivery agents’ and customer care executives’ performance
  • Strengthened data privacy through the protection of IT assets

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