Fleet Management For An Ecommerce Company


Real time location tracking for route optimization

Fleet Management for an eCommerce company


The company needed information accessible via desktop applications and browsers, and integrated with their Mobile App and SMS services, real time. The company was also looking to provide secure internet access for all their employees through Wi-Fi during their commutes as an added incentive.

The challenge faced was that none of the vehicles deployed for the company’s business operations were company owned. They were contracted vehicles with multiple owners. This meant:

  • There was no visibility on cab movement especially as it reached pick up/drop point leading to frequent delays
  • Additional private cab reimbursement cost to the company when employees missed their service
  • There was no way to ensure vehicles kept to their agreed routes or were conducting any unscheduled halts or pick-ups adding to costs


  • Secured access via user ID and Password on the internet
  • Digital maps with zoom in and zoom out facility
  • Replays / Route followed / Route deviation readily available on a map
  • Alerts for – overspeeding and undue stops
  • Efficient call centre support
  • Capability to integrate with third party applications like ERP, Mobile app, CRM app
  • MIS reports include:
  • POI and ETA SMS log
  • Stoppage and over speeding reports
  • Distance travelled

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