Global Credit Technology Company Integrates Its CRM With Smartflo For Superior Customer Service

Aug 2021 | CASE STUDY

global credit technology company integrates its crm with smartflo for superior customer service

The Requirement

The organisation’s contact centre architecture lacked a platform to methodically route calls to available agents and monitor those already interacting with customers.

  • Transferring calls between agents and adding supervisors on a conference call was a key challenge
  • In addition, the customer wanted to integrate their contact centre infrastructure with their already existing Zoho CRM. This was required to enable click-to-call service and get all call logs recorded within the CRM software.
  • The customer also needed to analyse agent productivity by recording their break durations, average call handling times, and total logged-in hours. Supervisors’ access to call records was essential to evaluate performance.

The problem with any legacy contact centre setup is that it depends on multiple technologies involving diverse equipment and hard-wired connections. The cluster is difficult to maintain and scale as per changing customer demands.

Integrating the programs of a traditional contact centre with new tools to support continuous interactions is also a challenge. The consequence is struggling agents and annoyed customers.

The need for a cloud-based telephonic solution originates from such issues – it helps to provide better services in a digital world where people and data are extensively spread out.


  • Enhanced agent productivity with quick access to customer details
  • Efficient and first-call resolution of customers’ concerns
  • Effective routing of calls to avoid excessive idle time and stress for other agents
  • Updating of leads in real-time with comprehensive call records
  • Assured data privacy for agents and customers
  • Consistent monitoring of agents’ performance

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