Innovative Communication Solution made Effortless and Accessible for Leading Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturer




Innovative Communication Solution made Effortless and Accessible for Leading Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturer

innovative communication solution made effortless and accessible for leading packaged drinking water manufacturer


The customer is a leading manufacturer of packaged drinking water. With the relevant expertise and years of industry experience, the company has been able to manufacture and supply a range of supreme quality packaged drinking water.

Business Challenge

The customer required a solution that had to be administered using the official SIP Trunk, but from outside the office. The DOT specifications stated that voice services could not be used via any form of data networks. They further requested a single number for inbound and outbound calls with an IVRS facility.

Tata Tele Business Services Solution

Our team identified Direct Inward System Access (DISA) as the best solution for the customer’s unique requirements since it enables accessing the company’s phone system from external sources. This feature allows users on a mobile device, for instance, to connect to the company line for checking voicemail, placing calls, dialling extensions, and more.

It works by prompting users to:

1. Dial an applicable number (this can be the company’s regular business number, or a unique number assigned specifically for this purpose).

2. Dial a special feature code (strongly recommended), which will then prompt the user to enter a unique PIN code.

After entering these credentials, the user has access to the customer’s system almost as if they were at their desk. For example, if an employee needed to contact a client when away from the office, they can dial the unique number, enter the feature code (#XXXXX), enter the PIN (XXXXX), and proceed to place a call. This way, the client will not view the employee’s personal contact information, but instead the official company information.

With work-from-home becoming increasingly common due to the pandemic, this system becomes pivotal.

Business Benefits

  • Complete Privacy since there was no need for employees to share their personal information with clients as using the DISA feature will see a CLIP of the SIP PSTN number
  • Unique code assigned for every employee for accessing their desk phone to check voicemail, place calls or dial extensions
  • Steep charges of long-distance calls circumvented as DISA works like a calling card for employees
  • Exceptionally beneficial & a Game changer for employees working from home

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