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The customer is a banking & financial services company headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal.


The customer was looking for a cost-effective, IP-based domestic voice solution. The solution needed to be reliable, scalable, and allow to be integrated with the auto-dialer They required a total of 200 channels and Port-based redundancy; in case of any drop, the total traffic should migrate to the other port.

They were also looking for a TFN number for incoming calls. Calls would be routed to two call centers in Kolkata and Indore, having state-based routing with load balancing. State-based routing was a challenge for IP-PBX.

The customer dealt with large call volumes, and the existing PRI connection was not reliable as it was delivered on copper. The high cost of infrastructure made the upgrading prohibitive.


  • TTL delivered 200 SIP channels each at Kolkata and Indore.
  • Auto-redundancy was configured via a pilot number.
  • Shared dialer configuration with auto fall back was provided.
  • State-based routing was configured via i-Serve portal.
  • Call landed in two different call centers via load balancing.

Business Benefits

  • TTL was the first service provider who offered SLA on TFN.
  • Integrated TFN and SIP solutions
  • Reduced dependency on multiple SPS
  • Shifted from PSTN to IP PSTN
  • Better voice quality over calls

Solution Architecture:

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1800 266 1800

Existing Customer:

1800 266 1515
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