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The customer is a Kolkata-based digital communications solutions agency.


The customer was looking for a cost-effective, IP-based domestic voice solution. The existing PRI connection was not reliable, as it was delivered on copper.

The proposed solution was required to be reliable, scalable, and integrated with an auto-dialler. It was expected to address huge customer volumes.

The customer needed 1200 channels with 1000 + 200 channels each drop. They were also looking for a call routing feature at the dialler level.

Port-based redundancy was required, as in case of a drop going down, the total traffic should be routed to the other port.


  • TTL delivered 1200 SIP channel with 1000 + 200 channels in four different drops.
  • Auto-redundancy was configured via a pilot number.
  • TTL also shared a dialler configuration with auto-fallback.
  • The CPE’s 2 Ethernet interfaces – eth0 and eth1 – were connected to TTL’s SIP Trunk and the local LAN switch respectively. Clients used the LAN interface, as IP soft/hard phones were registered to the CPE.
  • CPE bridged the calls between the TTL switch and IP phones on incoming and outgoing call flow.

Business Benefits

  • Higher SLA on dual LM
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Easily upgradeable without hardware/infrastructure change
  • Reduced dependencies on multiple SPS

Solution Architecture:

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