Leading Manufacturing firm achieves Secure, Cost-Effective Voice Connectivity across multiple locations


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Leading Manufacturing firm achieves Secure, Cost-Effective Voice Connectivity across multiple locations

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Established in 1958, the customer is a leading manufacturer of oil and transmission cables and conductors in India. Since then, they have diversified into products and services, including power transmission conductors, petroleum specialities, and power and telecom cables.


The customer required a voice solution for two locations in Silvassa. They were facing issues with their current PRI and SIP service provider and were unhappy with the frequent voice connectivity failures. Furthermore, they were using ILL from local vendors in Silvassa, as well as MPLS from other operators at 13 other locations.

The company required full migration from PRI to SIP, as well as bill plan pooling within the same SDCA. They also asked for an online portal from which call-related information could be extracted, and termination numbers could be changed. In addition, the solution had to be highly scalable, with 100 per cent uptime and service support.


  • TTBS provided the customer with a SIP Trunk solution having 60 channels in total, along with the most popular VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).
  • G.711 codec was used, leading to good voice quality over calls.
  • The SIP Trunk terminated on Matrix IP PBX at one end and NEC EPABX (with IP Gateway) at the other location in Silvassa.
  • 30 channels were offered at two locations so that 30 calls can be made simultaneously at two places.
  • The solution helped the customer to reap the benefits of plan bill pooling as well as a Closed User Group (CUG).
  • A single link was provided for all 30 channels, which could be scaled up to 1,500 channels.

Business Benefits

  • Bill pooling between two plants helps to utilise the full FCV and avoids bill overshoot at a single location
  • Highly scalable solution from 30 to 1,500 PSTN voice channels
  • Enhanced security from SBC for voice, to ensure that the data is not exposed in the public domain
  • Best voice quality owing to SIP with the latest digital technology

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