Leading Pharma achieves seamless connectivity globally


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Leading Pharma achieves seamless connectivity globally

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The customer is a leading research-driven pharmaceutical company focused on providing innovative treatment for ailments and prevention of diseases in humans and animals.


The customer required a safe, scalable and flexible solution to connect their 11 locations within themselves and with their office at Germany. They also needed complete Managed Services.


TTBS provided the customer with an MPLS Hub and Spoke topology with the Internet facility established at the Hub at DC. With all spokes connected to DC, it would be a centralised Internet, with the 11 locations part of the same VRF. An IPSec VPN connection was provided from all spokes to the Hub, forming an aggregating tunnel. ISP provided a fully managed service router to the customer at all Hub & Spoke locations. BGP routing was enabled for MPLS connectivity & Static routing was enabled for Internet connectivity. Multiple IPSec tunnels were configured from Hub at Mumbai DC to Germany & to all Spoke locations.

Business Benefits

  • Cost-effective: Deploying a Hybrid Network Internet and MPLS eliminated the need for additional requirements at each location for accessing the Internet.
  • Secure and Uninterrupted Connectivity: The MPLS made the network highly secure with no extra need for a firewall. Additional Layer security provided IPSec over MPLS and IPSec over the Internet.
  • Ease of Accessibility: Multiple applications could be accessed easily using the QoS and MPLS.
  • Managed Services: The provided solution was fully managed by TTBS.

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