Managed Dual Hub connectivity Solution with Hybrid Last Mile


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Managed Dual Hub connectivity Solution with Hybrid Last Mile

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The customer is a Mumbai-based pharma company in the business of manufacturing and dealing in pharmaceuticals and chemicals. The company is also involved in establishing, maintaining and subsidising research laboratories, experimental stations, workshops and libraries. It conducts scientific, industrial and technical tests and investigations to process, improve and invest in advanced techniques.


The customer required a managed MPLS solution across 26 locations, using Hub and Spoke topology. The requirement was for a dual Hub. In case the Mumbai Hub became disconnected, all the Spoke locations had to shift to the Bhopal Hub. The customer required a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution that offered uninterrupted internal application communication services.

IPSec tunneling was required at all locations. There was fierce competition from Reliance, the previous operator.


Based on TTBS’ expertise, an advanced monitoring network of MPLS was built across 26 sites. TTBS’ solution involved:

  • Hub and Spoke topology with 100% Premium Class of Service
  • TTBS-managed MPLS to bring in flexibility for management
  • Ensuring all the 26 sites were feasible on-net, i.e., TTBS MPLS network, either on wired/wireless with scalability on bandwidth as per the customer’s requirement
  • Use of a dynamic BGP protocol for network stability
  • Providing a solution to help the customer terminate their broadband and MPLS on the same router with a single gateway
  • Preparing and sharing a solution document based on the customer’s business requirement
  • Interlock with the customer’s technical team to understand the LAN setup

Business Benefits

  • Increased uptime: Internet was available in case of a last-mile failure
  • Addition of Class of Service: helped prioritise traffic across the network. By using MPLS, the customer can apply QoS as and when required
  • Simple, highly secure network: Since MPLS is deployed along a private service provider backbone, the MPLS VPN is highly secure and designed to connect with simple BGP routing
  • Manageability: Deployed connectivity was fully managed. The customer did not need to focus on internal LAN cost optimisation
  • Agility and flexibility: The delivered solution can be expanded as per business needs across services

Solution Architecture:


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