Manufacturing company experiences Enhanced agent Connectivity during lockdown


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Manufacturing company experiences Enhanced agent Connectivity during lockdown

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The customer is a manufacturing company that offers a range of products such as spices and seasoning processing machines, brewing and malting machines, rice mill machines, flour milling equipment and more out of their facility in Bengaluru.


The customer wanted a solution that allowed them to cascade incoming calls to agents working from home during the lockdown. They had an existing TFN terminating on the customer PBX. However, they wanted to migrate to a TTBS TFN and dismantle the current TFN setup, as they were facing service issues with the same.

The customer required a two-level interactive voice response (IVR) system with 0-9 options selection. The solution had to ensure that calls to the TFN landed on the cell phones of the agents working from home. It also needed to have a better uptime and SLA.


  • TTBS delivered SIP trunk with ten channels and an integrated HIVR at the customer’s location in Bengaluru.
  • TTBS provided the customer with it’s TFN terminating on the HIVR pilot number.
  • Any incoming calls on the existing TFN would land on the PBX PRI Pilot number and then be forwarded to the HIVR Pilot number.
  • Phase1: Incoming calls to both TFNs would land on the HIVR; two levels of IVR would be played basis the requirement, and the call would then land on the agent’s mobile number.
  • Phase2: After ensuring that the end customers were aware of the new TTBS TFN, the existing TFN was decommissioned.
  • Call recordings and CDR data could be retrieved via the HIVR self-service portal.

Business Benefits

  • Cost-saving for the customer due to no upfront investment on an on-premises setup
  • Increased agent productivity owing to the easy availability of call recordings and CDR data
  • Self-service portal for easy termination number and report generation
  • Highly scalable solution for any future requirements

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