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Achieves Secure Connectivity across Multiple Locations

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The customer is a leading Mumbai-based multi-business enterprise with over 7000 employees across geographies. They are market leaders in relocations, information management, cash management and realty (residential, commercial and hospitality properties).


The customer was looking for Secured Connectivity across six locations with each spoke site of 10 Mbps, 20 Mbps and 30 Mbps, with any-to-any topology. All the locations had data applications and so needed to be interconnected.

They also required a separate MPLS for their own customers.

The customer sought a cost-effective and flexible solution to offer uninterrupted services with fiber last miles. The solution had to be scalable, depending on the business requirement. The solution also had to ensure performance improvement and better link uptime while also avoiding complex configurations and architecture


Drawing on their extensive sector expertise, TTBS provided the customer with an advanced monitoring network of MPLS, which was built-in for eight sites. The solution involved:

  • Any-to-any topology with 100% Standard Class of Service
  • A TTBS-managed MPLS to keep management flexible
  • Ensuring that all the eight sites are feasible on the TTBS MPLS network, on both wired and wireless with scalability on bandwidth, as per the customer’s requirement
  • Dynamic BGP protocol used for network stability
  • Preparing and sharing a solution document based on the customer’s business requirement
  • Interlock with the customer’s technical team in order to understand the LAN setup

Business Benefits

The engagement enabled the customer to:

  • Achieve scalability of operations­ – as the site increased year-on-year, the existing MPLS network could be augmented accordingly
  • Enlarge their MPLS clientele
  • Develop latency and security on a private network operating on Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Manage and operate WAN under a single service provider umbrella

Solution Architecture:

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