Mumbai-based NBFC attains Safe, Remote Access to its applications


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Mumbai-based NBFC attains Safe, Remote Access to its applications

mumbai based nbfc attains safe remote access to its applications


The customer is an NBFC who specialises in supporting growing SMEs by providing custom-made financial solutions. They provide collateral-free, flexible and secured loans to small industries.


The customer was looking for a secure, scalable, cost-effective and uninterrupted network to link their users. The network should have access to applications from home and an auto failover from DC to DR. They required complete Managed Services as well.


TTBS deployed an MPLS Remote Secure Access for roaming users to access the Internet from a VUTM device hosted at a TTBS DC. An IPSec tunnel was created with the source after authentication of the user. The VUTM was connected to the MPLS-PE using back-to-back VRF (NNI). The traffic was then merged to the customer’s VRF providing access to their network and the DC and DR.

Business Benefits

  • Accessibility of applications: The applications could be accessed by employees through the Internet securely from their homes.
  • Increased productivity: The secure, fast and uninterrupted network with low latency ensured better output.
  • Cost-effective: The solution needed no further addition to supporting work from home, and MPLS negated the need for any additional firewall.
  • Compliance with RBI: The use of IPSec VPN on MPLS complies with RBI regulation for financial firms.
  • Managed Services: It allowed the customer to concentrate on their business while TTBS managed, serviced and upgraded the network periodically.

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