Mutual Funds Institution ensures Uninterrupted Operations with Revamped Infrastructure


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Mutual Funds Institution ensures Uninterrupted Operations with Revamped Infrastructure

mutual funds institution ensures uninterrupted operations with revamped infrastructure


The customer is a century-old public incorporated institution in the financial services domain. It is classified as a non-government company registered at RoC Chennai.

Business Challenge

With a prominent legacy like that of our customer’s, modernising the infrastructure was a significant challenge. Upon studying their system, our team decided that they needed to upgrade the communication network without adding any complex data infrastructure. It was also imperative to make provisions for 100% business-critical operations with the necessary precautions. The requirement of the customer was a simple and secured communication channel that connected all their branches seamlessly.

Tata Tele Business Services Solution

1. To connect all branches to the Hub location, TTBS proposed a managed, secure, enterprise-grade MPLS VPN solution over UBR as a last-mile solution.

2. The proposed network was Hub to Spoke Topology.

3. All branches were provided with access to the Hub on wireless last mile.

4. Implementation of GRE in encryption mechanism on dedicated private route to ensure best-in-class security.

5. TTBS provided managed MPLS VPN solution with the supply, installing and maintenance of end routers.

6. TTBS took care of auto-failover to the BSNL MPLS VPN if the network went down.

7. CPE was supplied and managed by TTBS, with the make and model as per the finalised bandwidth.

Business Benefits

  • Complete security ensured with centralised monitoring of transactions while maintaining uninterrupted customer interactions
  • Cost-effectiveness due to a single router used for auto-failovers
  • High uptime and no single point of failure

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