NBFC supports the education sector through Safe and Seamless Connectivity


Smart VPN


NBFC supports the education sector through Safe and Seamless Connectivity

nbfc supports the education sector through safe and seamless connectivity


The customer is an NBFC, specifically supporting financing gaps in the education sector. They provide financial support to students and for institutions to scale up their educational infrastructure.


The customer was looking for secured connectivity from their various locations to their AWS at the Kurla Hub, Mumbai. They required a reliable partner to provide a complete, Managed Solution.


TTBS deployed an MPLS and Smart VPN with Hub and Spoke Topology to provide secured connectivity from the hubs to the AWS to access applications. TTBS also provided end-to-end managed services to the customer.

Business Benefits

  • Secured, private connectivity: through the deployment of MPLS.
  • Improved performance: MPLS provided better control on latency and jitter.
  • Cost benefits: The new centralised Internet provision with access across locations reduced the need for individual setup. Also, Capex saving as no additional firewall was required on MPLS.
  • Ease of access: Multiple applications could be accessed with QoS.
  • Managed Services: The customer was relieved of the problems in managing and maintaining the network.

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