Secure connectivity for an investment management firm


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A global quantitative investment management firm required secure & reliable inter-office connectivity

A global quantitative investment management firm

Company Profile

Our customer is a quantitative investment management firm, founded in 2007 with over 450 employees globally. They are into the development and deployment of systematic investment strategies across a variety of asset classes in global markets, utilizing a proprietary research platform and investment process.

The Requirement

The customer wanted to have reliable and secure connectivity between their offices in India.


The challenges identified were as follows:

  • A layer 2 VPN service to connect two office locations located in Mumbai and Gurgaon
  • CoS mix to be pr ovided keeping in mind the data traffic flowing between the sites
  • 50 Mbps bandwidth required at both ends for L2 VPN Service
  • Priority Ethernet service (EWS) in order to connect the two office locations


We offered secure, reliable L2 MPLS between Mumbai and Gurgaon with

  • Pseudo wir e connections between locations by tagging respective VLANs
  • EWS configuration on TCL-PEs
  • L2TP tunnel from aggregation switch connecting to PE-Router
  • Traffic segregation and forwarding to specific sites by utilising pre-defined VLAN Tags


  • Reduction in cost of network infrastructure
  • Help customers reach geographies
  • Easy deployment results in faster time to market
  • Easy reach for all remote locations
  • Easily scalable network

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