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A leading sales and marketing consultancy required scalable enterprise-grade connectivity

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The client commits each individuals amongst their staff towards each project that they are involved in. With solutions spread over the domains of marketing and sales, the need for an efficient communications mechanism was of paramount importance. Support executives who provide direct support to customers needed to be accessible easily, and the enterprise’s carrier-grade infrastructure was not being utilised effectively.
For an enterprise that helps optimise marketing and sales for its clients, there was a need for the infrastructure to be used efficiently, while also ensuring that customers received the support needed.


The Tata Tele Business Services SIP Trunk solution was recommended to the client based on an analysis of their requirements. SIP Trunk offers a scalable means of enterprise communication within and outside the organisation. With a minimum of 20, to a maximum of 1500 connections over a single line it offers customers the desired scalability. The number of active connections at any point of time could be increased or decreased at will, ensuring that only the connections being used were paid for. It also allowed for enterprise-friendly billing to ensure transparency and accuracy.
Initially the client tested the SIP Trunk with 40 simultaneous connections over a single line and has rapidly increased the number to 440 connections spread over multiple geographic locations around the country. Each of these connections terminates at the Cisco Call Manager and Dialer used by them.


SIP Trunk is a relatively new offering in the world of enterprise communication. In India, enterprises are just beginning to understand the benefits of using the technology. From initially testing the waters with 40 connections the client rapidly increased the number to 440, and is able to maintain a critical part of delivering to their customers – the communication. The enterprise-grade connectivity is also allowing for improved interactions with the customer base, while also utilising existing infrastructure efficiently.

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