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Smart VPN with Hybrid Last Mile Solution

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The company is a Co-Operative Credit Society Ltd pertaining to BFSI division with 440+ offices across India’s western region.


The customer was looking for improved and more secure connectivity services to ensure seamless communication between their offices across multiple remote locations. They were also looking for a single service provider for all locations, with a better service level agreement (SLA). Additionally, the company had found customer HUB locations unfeasible in the past. They sought better uptime as well as improved performance, latency, and productivity. They wished to avoid redundant and complicated connectivity infrastructure.


Drawing on its wealth of experience in creating communications and connectivity solutions for some of the world’s leading companies, Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) provided 440+ MPLS links across the customer’s offices with UBR, Smart VPS and Smart-VPN wireless technology. Additionally, TTBS:

  • Defined Quality of Service (Q0S) for the customer’s internal critical applications, such as core banking apps
  • Provided managed services such as hardware, configuration and maintenance, all of which would be TTBS’s responsibility
  • Provided better SLA for all the locations under TATA Link
  • Made HUB location feasible using TTBS’s Smart VPN technology Collaboration

Business Benefits

The customer received:

  • The outcome of the engagement was that the customer received more agile connectivity, leading to better and seamless communication among multiple locations
  • All the remote locations were connected under a single service provider
  • Core banking app performance improved
  • No hardware or HR cost for the customer, as all services and hardware were provided by TATA
  • 24x7x365 availability for maintenance and troubleshooting

Solution Architecture:


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