Toll-Free Number enables Credit Company to Improve Customer Connect


SIP Trunk


Toll-Free Number enables Credit Company to Improve Customer Connect

toll free number enables credit company to improve customer connect


The customer is a gold loan company that provides online processing and a branchless business model to facilitate seamless transactions for its clients. They offer loans against gold that are consumer-friendly, hassle-free, paperless and convenient. The customer is known for following industry best practices in security, employing multiple threat-mitigation techniques. They perform security audits and have a custom security strategy so that their clients’ data is kept safe from prying eyes.

Business Challenge

The challenge lay in ensuring a single contact number at the front end and multiple locations for the back end. The customer also required a revamped system with no complex infrastructure whilst providing the highest uptime and redundancy for 100% efficiency

Tata Tele Business Services Solution

1. Two SIP Trunks at two different locations were set up for a continuous run.

2. TTBS provided the SIP Trunk over Ethernet with SDH ring architecture.

3. The SIP Trunk was terminated over a Session Border Controller (SBC) at the last mile.

4. To ensure redundancy, TTBS provided SIP Trunk 1 with 60 channels at one location and SIP Trunk 2 separately terminating at the SBC.

5. The Trunk bandwidth was created to support the aggregated SIP to achieve 100% concurrency.

6. TTBS SIP Trunk was a P2P circuit with /30 IP address assigned by TATA. The same IP address was to be transferred to the customer PBX’s NIC interface.

7. Codec on both trunks was configured to comply with the G.711 A law.

8. The Dual-Tone-Multi-Frequency (DTMF) was set at RFC 2833.

9. The “P-Preferred-Identity” header was included in all SIP INVITEs for correct DID CLIP display on the outgoing calls.

10. DID number sending (DNIS) on SIP INVITE “To” header on incoming calls.    

11. A keep-alive mechanism through SIP options was implemented. The expected response was SIP 60 Ok from the CPE device.

12. TTBS system also provided parameters such as Customer IP (configured at the NIC port of the SBC), Gateway IP, SIP Server, IP Subnet Mask, Username, Password and DID Range.

Business Benefits

  • Ensured redundancy for incoming calls via a toll-free number (TFN)
  • Cost reduction due to TFN over SNS solution
  • High uptime and no single point of failure with uninterrupted calling

Call Call

New Customer:

1800 266 1800

Existing Customer:

1800 266 1515
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