Top-Tier Mobile company receives cost-effective, Cloud-based Voice Connectivity Solution


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Top-Tier Mobile company receives cost-effective, Cloud-based Voice Connectivity Solution

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The customer is one of the largest technology companies operating in India. It was founded in 2009, and they design, develop and manufacture smartphones, accessories and software. They also provide online services.


The customer required a secure and cost-effective voice-based solution for two 100-seater call centres in different locations in Uttar Pradesh. They were looking for a solution which allowed customers to contact them by dialling a single number, and for the same call to land on a local PRI number with IVR options.

The solution also had to allow tracking of the number of calls landed every month, along with the end customer’s number and call recording features. The customer additionally asked for load balancing of incoming calls with state-based routing, as well as enhanced support for huge call volumes and better SLA.


  • TTBS facilitated an SLA-based TFN (Toll-Free Number) with HIVR (Cloud-Hosted IVR) for incoming calls.
  • A portal was provided to access the database of incoming calls.
  • The solution included menu-based routing configuration, with IVR options to connect to specific locations.
  • Custom announcements configured for Holidays and out-of-office hours
  • Provided 100 SIP Channels for incoming/outgoing calls, supporting 50 concurrent calls at any time.
  • A single TFN can support up to 1000 end customer calls.
  • The termination number was configured in the HIVR Portal, with access to customer to make real-time modifications.
  • Round-robin routing enabled for customer to handle high call volumes or no answer calls from the end customer.

Business Benefits

  • Single platform for Call Routing and Analysis
  • Voice call recording through HIVR Platform
  • Increased Productivity as agent performance reports could be easily generated
  • SLA based services allowing for end customers’ data to be captured appropriately
  • Cloud-based Monitoring, due to which no IT person was required from the customer’s end
  • Scalable, cost-effective solution that could be upgraded easily in the future without CapEx costs

Solution Architecture:


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1800 266 1515
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