TTBS enables digital payments company to provide uninterrupted services via load sharing and secure connectivity


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TTBS enables digital payments company to provide uninterrupted services via load sharing and secure connectivity

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The customer is an e-commerce payment system and a digital wallet company headquartered in Bangalore, India.Their payments app is available in over 11 Indian languages. Through this, users can send and receive money, DTH, recharge mobile, data cards, make utility payments, buy gold, and shop online and offline.


The customer was looking for a secure solution to connect six branches with their data centres located in Bengaluru and Mumbai. They required two links at each location, both of which should be configured in Active-Active mode with load sharing.

The customer also wanted 500+ SIP channels at their data centres to take their clients’ inbound calls and to forward calls to other locations. Moreover, they required secured private connectivity to carry voice and data traffic.

The customer was in need of a single service provider who could provide a cost-effective, managed solution which encompassed voice, MPLS and Internet services


  • TTBS provided the customer with a managed MPLS VPN solution, with dual links at each location to connect six branches with the data centres located in Bengaluru and Mumbai.
  • TTBS also provided 800 and 600 SIP channels at the customer’s Bengaluru and Mumbai locations respectively, to take inbound customer calls. SIP channels were provided at other locations for outbound calls.
  • The solution was highly scalable to answer any future requirement of the customer.
  • It was a cost-effective solution, as, under managed services, the solution would be operated by TTBS from end-to-end.
  • The solution was cloud-ready, allowing the customer to connect securely with Cloud Service Providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services at any time over private connectivity.

Business Benefits

  • One stop Solution: End-to-end managed services by TTBS; lower TCO, no CapEx for the customer
  • Scalability: Customer could add additional locations easily without changing infrastructure at the Hub ends.
  • Cloud-ready solution: The MPLS network could be integrated with the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) infrastructure over secured and private connectivity.
  • Higher uptime: TTBS links integrated with Other Service Providers’ (OSP) links for redundancy
  • Load sharing: TTBS links configured with OSP links in load-sharing mode

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