SmartOffice® – An all -in-one starter box for your business




SmartOffice® is an innovative single box solution that gives access to Voice, Data, Storage and Apps. With it in the market, businesses no longer needs to invest in multiple devices or approach multiple service providers.

SmartOffice – An all -in-one starter box for your business

By integrating smart solutions in the offices, enterprises are getting seamless connectivity and collaboration and creating a clear path to success. From investing in various devices to managing multiple tech vendors, enterprises have to deal with various ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) challenges while setting up a new business. To make the path for seamless connectivity and collaboration much clearer, enterprises have been integrating smart solutions in their office for better productivity and efficiency.

SmartOffice by Tata Tele Business Services is an innovative single-box solution that gives access to Voice, Data, Storage, and Apps. This all-in-one box for telecom solutions offers integrated last-mile connectivity for voice and the internet. With SmartOffice, businesses no longer need to invest in multiple devices or approach multiple service providers.

How SmartOffice by TTBS is beneficial to your business?

  • All-in-One Office Tech Suite: SmartOffice assures a single point of contact for voice, data, storage and application requirements. It eliminates the need to invest in multiple devices or approach multiple service providers to set-up a new office and branch operation.

  • Single Window Service: It is a one-stop solution for all communication and application needs of a business enterprise. It offers voice, data, storage, and apps in a single plug-and-play box that is simple to set up and economical to operate.

  • Cloud Apps & Security Enabled: Ensuring that employee device remains secure and private while remotely connecting to the network is a critical concern for the enterprises. Apart from ensuring better productivity and efficiency, SmartOffice plays a quintessential role in assuring security and reliability.

  • OPEX Savings: For small and medium enterprises, the key challenge is to deal with too many technologies and committing to OPEX and CAPEX. In the given scenario, finding a cost-effective solution that can fulfil all the technological requirements from a single point is challenging. SmartOffice eradicates the need for setting up separate voice and data infrastructure including BRI, PRI, and local PSTN gateways, thereby substantially lowering overall ICT costs.

Business Advantages of SmartOffice by TTBS?

  • Future-ready and digital-ready tech.

  • Provides dedicated bandwidth for high-speed internet connectivity.

  • Comprises inbuilt Wi-Fi, Firewall, Router & DHCP server to offer integrated last-mile connectivity.

  • No CAPEX and related AMC charges.

  • Quick and hassle-free set-up.

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) backed SIP trunk for advanced voice compatibility.

  • An all in one pocket-friendly box.

  • 24*7 service support for any connectivity requirement.

To learn more about the SmartOffice business connectivity solution, and how TTBS can help address your smart office requirements, contact us at 1800 266 1800.

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