Big Data and the Telecom Industry


The potential of big insights through deep data analysis

Big Data Whitepaper

We are progressing towards an era of information which can and must be converted into real time actionable acumen, to enable the companies respond in real-time to behavioral changes in the customer mindset or to swiftly respond to threats from the market competition. This is exactly where the Big Data and its analysis can win the battle against the traditional BI tools. Meanwhile, Telecom companies are unaware about the volume of data which could, on proper analysis can get deeper insights into customer behavior, preferences, interests and their service usage patterns. This is what Big Data is for Telcos. Probable Benefits from Big Data With the increasing adoption of smartphones and growth in mobile internet, Telcos today have access to exceptional amounts of data sources including – customer profiles, device data, network data, customer usage patterns, location data, apps downloaded, etc.. All this data combined together becomes the Big Data.

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