Deploying Smart VPN and Secure Connect for Cloud-Ready Businesses


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Deploying Smart VPN and Secure Connect for Cloud-Ready Businesses

Cloud computing has generated considerable interest, and industries such as banking, insurance, e-commerce, hospitality, BPOs and ITES are increasingly adopting it. The service delivery model of the cloud offers data storage and versatile computing solutions for users in all these markets.

With the cloud, it is feasible to achieve multi-level virtualisation and abstraction. This element has been validated through the efficient combination of data, applications and custom software in cloud platforms. Cloud also allows for networking similar to that in grid computing or distributed processing.

While cloud services are gaining ground due to the full range of benefits they offer, the wireless networks that they have created have also raised certain security concerns. As Internet-driven solutions, these systems are prone to risks and vulnerabilities such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, data thefts, and web scraping.

The security of their wireless network and cloud environment is, therefore, a critical differentiator for organisations that want to leverage the technology. This paper looks into the key security issues with cloud computing and how the same can be addressed using virtual private networks (VPN) and a secure connection to the cloud.

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