Big data and the telecom industry

Drive strategic decisions with available data on customers and their interactions with operators to grow revenues and gain a competitive edge.

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Our Services for Telecommunications & Media

Cloud and SaaS

Cloud-based solutions for digitalisation of retail and real estate

  • Cloud CRMs for a 360°-view of the customer
  • Low-cost, hosted OBDs for hassle-free operations
  • CDNs to optimise content streaming across geographies
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Data Services

High-speed connectivity with high-quality data transmission across geographies

  • Internet leased lines for high-speed connectivity across India
  • Smart VPN with multiple connectivity options
  • L2 multicast for multimedia broadcasting efficiency
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Cyber Security

Mitigate risks from data breaches, malware, and other cyber threats

  • SmartFlo for 360° cloud-based communication
  • Endpoint security for multiple devices
  • Email security to block spam and improve reputation
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Case Studies

Tata Tele Business Services enables seamless connectivity for a Mumbai-based media firm

Tata Tele Business Services set up a low-cost, high-security MPLS network to enhance the quality and speed of content exchange.

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Tata Tele Business Services voice services boost revenue for a Goa-based telecom provider

Tata Tele Business Services offered voice solutions to streamline services, cut costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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Tata Tele Business Services sets up toll-free services for a South Indian shopping channel

Tata Tele Business Services addressed the challenges of large call volumes, offering differential services, and language barriers.

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More Resources

Top digital trends in the media industry

The role of streaming platforms, data analytics, commercials, and blockchain in shaping the media landscape.

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PRI technology to improve telecommunications

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) ensures high-quality voice communication at an affordable price.

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360° complete cloud communication suite for media companies

Cloud communication suites are equipped with onboard diagnostics (OBD) and bolstered with enterprise-grade security.

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