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Managed Dual Hub connectivity solution

Mumbai based Petroleum Product Manufacturer Achieves Seamless Connectivity Using MPLS


The customer is a petroleum products company, which has developed and manufactured various products including transformer oils, white oils, liquid paraffin, automotive and industrial lubricants, greases and coolants, and such.

The customer serves diverse industries such as power generation and distribution, thermoplastic rubbers, automotive, FMCG, pharmaceutical, plastics, agriculture, polymers, refrigeration, and so on.

Business Challenge

The customer was looking for a reliable partner who could connect their five branches with DC and DR solutions.

These five branches are at remote locations spread across India. The customer was looking for a cost-effective, secure solution with managed services. They were looking for centralised Internet distribution and integration with a backup service provider.

Tata Tele Business Services Solution

TTBS provided the customer with L3 MPLS VPN solution to connect the five remote locations with DC and DR.

TTBS further provided the customer with an end-to-end managed service. The solution offered was highly scalable and could cater to any future requirement.

Business Benefits

  • Managed Services: End-to-end network was managed by TTBS; lower TCO and no CapEx for the customer.
  • Scalability: The customer could add remote locations without changing infrastructure at the Hub ends.
  • Cloud-Connected Solution: The proposed solution was cloud-ready, as the same MPLS network could be integrated with Cloud Service Provider (CSP) infrastructure through secured and private connectivity.
  • Higher Uptime: TTBS links were integrated with other service providers’ links for redundancy.
  • Load Sharing: TTBS links were configured with OSP links in a load-sharing mode.

Solution Architecture:

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