Toll-Free Services – A lasting impression on your customers.


A Toll service is a number or a set of numbers, which callers may reach by dialing in, either for free or at a nominal cost. Currently our services are offered in two variants – Call-Free, Call-Local

Toll-Free Services – A lasting impression on your customers.

Ensuring a seamless customer experience is becoming key to future business strategies. As modern customers are more concerned about experience over price, businesses are focussing more on customer experience to accelerate their potential sales.

To improve the overall experience, CIOs are anticipating what modern consumers want and taking every possible step to deliver the same. As per reports by Deloitte, 62% of businesses see customer service as a competitive differentiator. By 2020, customer experience will overtake the price and product quality as the key brand differentiator.

With the increased penetration of smartphones, the engagement is more on these small digital gadgets. 84% of CIOs are focused on improving mobile customer experience because of the increased penetration of smartphones. The number of mobile users has significantly increased and outnumbered PC users. It has been estimated that 2 billion people are on mobile against 1.6 billion on computers.

Toll-Free Number – Facilitating a perfect customer experience!

Businesses can create the perfect customer experience and help customers connect with them conveniently via toll-free numbers. A toll-free service is a number or a set of numbers, which callers may reach by dialling in, either for free or at a nominal cost. Toll-free services provide – state of the art intelligent network platform and service provider neutrality, i.e. they work across all service providers to the businesses.

Toll-Free Services by Tata Tele Business Services

Toll-free services by Tata Tele Business Services are provided on a state-of-the-art and intelligent network with easy to remember 1800 and 1860 number series to the enterprises. With an industry-first SLA commitment and an exclusive self-care portal, the services enable enterprises to establish higher service standards and always be accessible to the customers.

What’s on offer:

  • Instant access: With the help of a toll-free number, businesses can strengthen their relationship by always staying available for them. It allows businesses to connect to their customers instantly and provides instant call access to customers across locations.

  • Flexible subscription: It offers flexible subscription options from any post-paid wireless or wireline service.

  • Routing preferences: It allows businesses to manage routing preferences at any time.

  • User-friendly interface: It enables real-time call routing through a user-friendly interactive web interface.

  • Analytical reports: It provides access to relevant data and calls analysis reports to enhance your service delivery. By getting access to detailed call analysis reports, proportional call distribution, etc, businesses can track consumer behaviour and improve retention rate.

  • Customer satisfaction: Customer service can be your single greatest strength and toll-free services your most powerful tool in creating the perfect experience. A toll-free number always ensures that your business is always reachable.

By leveraging such benefits, businesses can strengthen customer relationships, track consumer behaviour, maintain brand recognition, and drive better ROI.

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